• Acid Section

    Stream for with Eva Estra, Alexandra Feusi, Evaversum, MW, Buenoventura, 4youreye projection art, Flavia Mudesto, Mandy Mozart.

  • Snaw Crosh

    Snaw Crosh

    Snaw Crosh by Otto Oscar Hernandez, Mandy Mozart “Music, Movies, Software – High Speed Pizza Delivery” A soundtrack to a novel. Mandy Mozart and Otto Oscar Hernandez find their way in the Metaverse and pre-define their soundtrack for a science fictionthat has come to share many parallels to today’s lockdowns. ‘SNAWCRO$H’ is the sound for…

  • VISBRO007

    The seventh instalment of our broadcast. Exclusive look down material. Produced by: Franziska Seiffner Eva Perner 4YOUREYE Projection Art