• Movie Reactions 1. Staffel/1. Folge: Eisenberger

    Movie Reactions 1. Staffel/1. Folge: Eisenberger

    Willkommen zu unserer ersten Podcast-Episode! Heute nehmen wir euch mit auf eine unerwartete Reise in die Welt des Kinos. Der Film, über den wir sprechen werden, war wirklich nicht meine Wahl – dafür kann ich Peter danken. Wir erwarten eine Tortur: Ein schweizerischer Film, hoffentlich ohne Dialekt, und oh mein Gott, es geht um einen…

  • VISRES002 – Torii

    Review – Mini Residence – Torii Participants: Kiki Hitomi, Darren, Mandy Mozart Results of the second Vienna Struggle Mini Residence September 2021. The participants were experimenting around a show for kids based based on Animism and Shintō  (神道) Religion of Japan. An intergenerational knowledge transfer practise for a resource wise living to save the planet…

  • VISBRO26 Atlas Bar

    VISBRO26 Atlas Bar

    Begin: 4. August 20:00 End: 4. August 24:00 Uhr Location: Atlas Bar and Gallery Neustiftgasse 51, 1070 Wien Description:  curated by Vienna Struggle is boiling up a sweaty summer soup. Featuring Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Alexandra Feusi, Bernhard Hammer and Mandy Mozart their eclectic program features a live ambient and sound design jam by the quartett. Furthermore…

  • Pangea


    Pangea by Buenoventura An ambient journey from the mids of the Pandemia. The original continent stands as a metaphor for our connectivity and kinship to nature, space and humanity. credits released January 7, 2023 Bernhard Hammer, Lisa Pulsatila, Mandy MozartDezember 2020

  • Preaching To The Choir

  • Affirmations


    “Affirmations” ist eine audiovisuelle Performance des Vienna Struggle Drone Choir, Bernhard Hammer und Mandy Mozart. Basierend auf dem Song “Roar Little Kitty” (Hammer/Mozart 2019, Bahía de Cochinos, Kuba) entwickelte der “Vienna Struggle Drone Chor”, bestehend aus Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Christine Gnigler und Alexandra Feusi, drei Kompositionen. Diese arbeiten mit partizipativen Spielanleitungen, in denen polyphone und homophone…

  • 15.11 Rhiz

    15.11 Rhiz

    EVAVERSUM MW MANDY MOZART SPECIAL GUEST SHIKOBA LEIPZIG PLANET ALMANAC Vienna Struggle crawls straight out of the meta verse. We exercise self love and want to show you who we can be in the flesh. A place for people to meet and explore music together. Join us on an intimate music night at Rhiz and…

  • More Sugar, Honey

    More Sugar, Honey

    Film by Daily Rhythm Collective & Mandy Mozart We talk about the colonial history of sugar. Daily Rhythms Collective is discovering ancestral trails that connect our own heritage to the sugar trade.  Weaving our stories into a ritualistic and performative format made available through video. Screenings Dice Festival, 2022, Berlin<rotor> centre for contemporary arts, 2022,…

  • Power Fudge

    Power Fudge

    Power Fudge, by Flávia Mudesto explores the North American Western-genre, recognizing the landscapes as produced within northern narratives. Central in this exploration is the image of unowned land, that is based on the imperial fantasy of the belonging of land, and was created to justify and glorify the exploitation of land that was inhabited by…

  • Love For Women

    Love For Women

    Op. 42 – Love for Women by Mandy Mozart Love for Women is both an ensemble exploration and an intimate song cycle, fuelled by a frustration with the conventions of modern music culture. It’s a response to both club and classical music, born behind a piano, built in clubs, and completed by many hands. The…