“Unstruggle Yourself”

Overcoming failure in the collective – a healing process!

Under the pretence of Vienna as the city with the highest quality of life, people‘s everyday struggles fall silent. Our mission is to collect individual drowning voices and struggles, and to interpret them via our imagining of a futuristic orchestra in songs.

Vienna Struggle is an Austrian based community-platform (association) founded in April 2019 emerging from creative and cultural workers. We are passionate and experienced professionals, curious amateurs and visionaries with different backgrounds.

As artists, developers, scientists, musicians, designers, consultants, students and performers etc. we are united by the idea of bottom up empowerment.


Exploring new digital worlds gives music novel powerful ways of expression, immersion and embodiment. That’s why the Vienna Struggle Orchestra is continuously expanding its instruments using the tools of the 21st century. As a group, we collectivise in search of creative and economic independence, and to sustain/realise our vision.

Target group

We are the target group! The musicians who want to make films. The choreographers who want to make the virtual production their own. The videographers who want to play synthesisers. The art and culture workers who want to programme. The programmers who want to play grand pianos. The pharmacists who want to create virtual worlds. The chemists who want to migrate to the Spatial Audio Laboratory. The investment bankers who want to play the Shanti accordion. The authors who want to tell three-dimensional stories on five axes. The lone fighters who are looking for new impulses in a group. The classical orchestra musicians for whom Wagner is too bland.

Make a virtue of necessity.

We provide people who want to leave their comfort zones with a safe space where they can acquire new skills for artistic expression. We take our struggles as super powers that sharpen our skills and create a sustainable income stream.

Support network

We emPower social and artistic discourse, process our emotions and struggles, celebrate our diversity, integrate any media required for our voicing, express and share our strongest visions and utopias, connect with our origins or roots. These hybrid entangled environments we create tell the stories of the few by the many. We see ourselves as an instrument to amplify these voices and make them heard.


“For most, a regular orchestra is way too expensive to work with.”

We produce films, shows, events, artworks, songs, videos, choir pieces and installations.

Technical challenges

As a contemporary collective we are constantly seeking new technological skills that will enable us to tell our stories and deliver them to people globally.

Work environment

As creatives working in both indie and corporate environments, we feel the need to take the best out of both worlds. We want to establish a respectful, challenging and well-organised environment that leads us to productivity and creative exchange, innovation and discovery. We need to become powerful without excluding our humanity.

Financial independence for our creative explorations

To protect our vision, processes and creative explorations, we also need financial independence.

Rethink authorship

The goal of Vienna Struggle Collective is to prove that decentralising the creative process is one possible way to reinvent authorship, copyright, decision making and responsibility. Through asynchronous composition people are able to allocate their time to the writing process whenever it suits them. By building a composition over time and in an agile way we want to support working across time zones and living conditions. By taking care of physical as well as language barriers we make Vienna Struggle accessible to everyone who wants to be involved in the process.


We share our resources and infrastructure. Meet the team.