• 17.7. Pocket Preacher – Showcase

    17.7. Pocket Preacher – Showcase

    After 3 months of residence at Westbahnstudios, Mandy Mozart is showcasing their progress on the artwork “Pocket Preacher,” which consists of a music album for choir and electronics, a graphic novel, an art film, and an immersive live performance. “Pocket Preacher – Awakening,” the first edition on preview, is an audiovisual journey of a pope-like…

  • Affirmations


    “Affirmations” ist eine audiovisuelle Performance des Vienna Struggle Drone Choir, Bernhard Hammer und Mandy Mozart. Basierend auf dem Song “Roar Little Kitty” (Hammer/Mozart 2019, Bahía de Cochinos, Kuba) entwickelte der “Vienna Struggle Drone Chor”, bestehend aus Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Christine Gnigler und Alexandra Feusi, drei Kompositionen. Diese arbeiten mit partizipativen Spielanleitungen, in denen polyphone und homophone…

  • 15.11 Rhiz

    15.11 Rhiz

    EVAVERSUM MW MANDY MOZART SPECIAL GUEST SHIKOBA LEIPZIG PLANET ALMANAC Vienna Struggle crawls straight out of the meta verse. We exercise self love and want to show you who we can be in the flesh. A place for people to meet and explore music together. Join us on an intimate music night at Rhiz and…